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The woman's orchestra came trooping down the pavement toward the entrance. Twenty laughing, talking girls carrying their instrumentsmdash;violin and wind instrument cases, satchels with their scoresmdash;and four of them with the drums. A gay, happy little crocodile. Bond was reflecting that some people still seemed to find life fun in the Soviet Sector, when his glasses picked out and stayed on the girl carrying the cello. Bond's masticating jaws stopped still, and then reflectively went on with their chewing as he twisted the screw to depress the sniperscope and keep her in its center.The girl was taller than the others, and her long, straight, fair cheap football jerseys hair, falling to her shoulders, shone like molten gold under the Cheap football jerseys from china arcs at the intersection. She was hurrying along in a charming, excited way, carrying the cello case as if it were no heavier than a violin. Everything was flyingmdash;the skirt of her coat, her feet, her hair. She was vivid with movement and life and, it seemed, with gaiety and happiness as she chattered to the two girls who flanked her and laughed back at what she was saying. As she turned in at the entrance amidst her troupe, the arcs momentarily caught a beautiful, pale profile. And then she was gone, and, it seemed to Bond, that with her disappearance, a stab of grief lanced into his heart. How odd! How very odd! This had not happened to him since he was young. And now this single girl, seen only indistinctly and far away, had caused him to suffer this sharp pang of longing, this thrill of animal magnetism! Morosely, Bond glanced down at the luminous dial of his watch. Five-fifty. Only ten minutes to go. No transport arriving at the entrance. None of cheap jerseys Free Shipping those anonymous black Zik saloons he had half-expected. He closed as much of his mind as he could to the girl and sharpened his wits. Get on, damn you! Get back to your job!From somewhere inside the Haus der Ministerien there came the familiar sounds of an orchestra tuning upmdash;the strings tuning their instruments to single notes on the piano, the sharp blare of individual woodwindsmdash;then a pause, and then the collective crash of melody as the whole orchestra threw itself competently, so far as Bond could judge, into the opening bars of what even to James Bond was vaguely familiar. Moussorgsky's Overture to Boris Godunov, said Captain Sender succinctly. Anyway, six o'clock coming up. And then, urgently, Hey! Right-hand bottom of the four windows! Watch out! Bond depressed the sniperscope. Yes, there was movement inside the black cave. Now, from the interior, a thick black object, a weapon, had slid out. It moved firmly, minutely, swiveling down and sideways so as to cover the stretch of the Zimmerstrasse between the two wastelands of rubble. Then the unseen operator in the room behind seemed Cheap football jerseys free shipping satisfied, and the weapon remained still, fixed obviously to such a stand as Bond had beneath his rifle. What is it? What sort of gun? Captain Sender's voice was more breathless than it should have been.

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